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GLDFSH: A Positive Habit Builder

Solo UX Project · Mobile Viewport · 2 Week Sprint

Roles: UX Researcher · UX Designer

What's the project about?

Forgotten tasks are annoying. Whether it's the still-empty carton of milk in the fridge screaming for replenishment, an event that slipped your mind or not remembering to call your parents for a weekly check-in, sometimes life is just too busy and our brains forgo retaining our to-do lists in search of some peaceful downtime.

A friend came to me with this exact issue - his most common gripe was said absence of milk, and it really frustrated him. Upon conducting interviews with three participants (a smaller pool, if you will, as this was my first UX project), I found that this was a shared pain.

What was the outcome?

Using data from interviews, competitive and comparative analysis and usability testing, the end product is an application which provides the user with positive reinforcement, gamification and artificial intelligence in order to aid users in memory retention, task completion and personal organisation.

The goal for the project wasn’t just to facilitate saving tasks and completing them - I wanted to design a way to positively reinforce building habits so that my user could independently manage their tasks and workload while decreasing self-criticism and shame.

Although this app was designed with research from just a few users, I feel that positive reinforcement could really help people to retain memories and look forward to organising their lives. I'd love to take this project further, and will continue to research and iterate as time goes on.

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