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Meetup Newbies

Collaborative Project · Mobile Viewport · 2 Week Sprint

Roles: UX Researcher · UX Designer · Interaction Designer

What's the project about?

The brief for this conceptual project was to create a new function for the online platform Meetup, which encourages people to attend events that they have signed up for, as there was a high bounce rate when it came to RSVPs vs. Attendees due to social anxiety. The function needed to encourage passive users to overcome their fears and anxieties about meeting new people in real life.

As a team, we extensively researched anxiety triggers and at what part of the user journey causes "event ghosting". 

What was the outcome?

The outcome was an app feature (Newbie Hub), designed as a way for newbies to access curated content with tips on managing early networking steps, conversational prompts and confidence-boosting strategies to remedy discomfort and bring self-assurance.
The app feature also includes a direct messaging feature with a brand mascot called Newbie, who pairs new opted-in users to strike up a conversation, network, intermingle and become accustomed with other event attendees prior to attending.

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