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Papercraft eCommerce Concept

Solo Project · Desktop Viewport · 2 Week Sprint

Roles: UX Researcher · UX Designer 

What's the project about?

This was a solo concept project undertaken to improve the online presence of a local stationery store in Hammersmith, London. The task was to design an eCommerce website for a local stationery store in order to increase their customer loyalty and satisfaction on an online interface after exclusively operating in-person, while maintaining the local shop feeling.

Once user interviews and competitive analysis had been completed, I collated the data, finding that participants favoured shopping in-person for craft supplies because of the visual, auditory and haptic elements. 


What was the outcome?

I prioritised the feeling of shopping in a stationery store, the interviewees’ described favourite aspects and combined this with the most popular eCommerce brands’ key features to produce a sleek, user friendly website that meets the potential customers' expectations, and the business goals of the client.

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